of North Sugar Land
11118 Hwy 6 S, Sugar Land, TX 77498 • (281) 575-0011

Informational videos

Take a Video Tour  (10:57)  This video showcases each of our 10 classrooms, their associated programs, as well as unique features of our preschool.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kids R Kids  (2:39)  Watch this video for the summary highlights of our preschool.


Our use of Interactive Technology at Kids R Kids (2:20)  This video demonstrates examples of how we integrate interactive SMARTboards into our curriculum.


Our corporate website has some wonderful parenting tips. Check out this link. There are videos and interactive text.

Technology Technology
Watch this video to see how we use technology at Kids R Kids. More
We 'R' Ready for Back to School! We 'R' Ready for Back to School!
Are you ready for the new school year? We sure 'R'! Enroll your little one today' More