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Nothing short of awesome!
My experience has been nothing short of awesome! The teachers here truly care about the children. I always see the little ones running around and enjoying themselves. It seems as if kids r kids is a little family who all takes care if each other and their kids. Management is SO professional, and the teachers love and care for the kids as if they are their own. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face the first day I picked her up. She loved her teachers and playing with the other children. It made me feel so happy!!
Mahrukh S.
Linda Rosas Arzate
Fun activities!
My daughters love attending Kids-R-Kids! They enjoy all the fun activities, the field trips, the curriculum offered, the family values, and the dedication and compassion of all the staff. At Kids-R-Kids they make you part of their family and that is why we make Kids-R-Kids our choice for childcare!
Nycole McMahon
We love it!
Let me say this, my daughter is 3, she knows how to count all the way to 20, she knows the ABC forward and backwards, all this in spanish, they learn so much, of course she knows way more but if I start listening I will never finish. And the teachers are sweet and caring. Also they do have a professional Chef that prepare their daily healthy meals and is a peanut free zone.
josue soto
I would like to say what an outstanding job Amber and Jasmine are doing with the Bunnies class. They are both are fantastic teachers and I'm so glad they are my son's first experience with a structured day care environment. My husband is an educator and he too is pleased with them. They made his transition seamless and he has learned so much under their instruction. He already knows his entire alphabet at 2! I could not be more pleased with the job they doing and I hope his experience will be the same when he moves on to the next class. He really loves them!
D. Kendrick-Brison
So MUCH More!
Knowing Sarah is loved and learning means so much to me. She never stops talking about her friends, the staff, Mrs. Jackson and what all she's learned. I'm so truly thankful for each of you. Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Sarah are/have been such true blessings to our family. Mrs. Jackson went out of her way on numerous occasions to make sure that Sarah got caught up as she was behind academically in January when she began fulltime. Now Sarah is reading, spelling, doing Math, knows Science, a zillion songs including her Presidents and writing. I cannot begin to express my love and appreciation for Mrs. Jackson, Ms. Sarah and everyone who has supported, loved, encouraged, and taught Sarah. Kids R Kids is so much more than what I ever anticipated!!
A Patterson Marshall
The Perfect Choice!
I put my son in Kids R Kids when he was 3 years old, I'm really happy that i made the perfect choice! All the teachers are so nice, professional and lovely with the kids ❤
MW Garcia
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
My daughter Sarah stared full time in the Kindergarten class with Ms. Jackson in January. I was very nervous having her anywhere other than an in home daycare/Mother's Day Out Program. Boy was I wrong! I am so overwhelmed and happy at how she is blossoming! She has the most wonderful teacher in Ms. Jackson! In less than two months my daughter is reading sight words, counting to 100, remembering The Pledge of Allegiance, and the list goes on!! I was worried my daughter would be another number. Wrong again! Everyone at Kids R Kids knows her by name and love her. She has friends, she talks about her teacher and day all night long. The only regret I have is that I didn't move her to Kids R Kids sooner. I can't say enough good things about Ms. Jackson and Ms. Sara. I never thought I'd see my 4 year old reading and more importantly LOVING to read. I'm so proud of her and I'm so proud of the staff at Kids R Kids. As a mother I made the best decision ever. I couldn't ask for a better teacher either. Ms. Jackson is dedicated to helping Sarah be ready for school. Ms. Jackson and Ms. Sara do a great job in every way and I am so happy they are making a difference in my daughter's life. Thank you to everyone for all you do each day. You make a huge difference not only to the kids but to the parents as well. Knowing my daughter is in good hands each day means the world to me!!
Amy Marshall-Comeau
Grateful for your Kindergarten Staff
I am compelled to send you a message of praise that I do hope that you share with your Kindergarten staff. My daughter, Mackenzi Cole, transitioned into your Kids-R-Kids around April or May 2011 and I was appreciative of the enthusiasm of the staff that were there to guide her and make her comfortable in a new school. This year she is in the Kinder class under the instruction of Mrs. Thibodeaux and Ms. Brookes. It is very evident that Mrs. Thibodeaux pours her sole into each student. Her personality sets the tone for the class and earns her students respect. She asks and they give! I am so impressed with the curriculum and the way Mrs. Thibodeaux creates the learning environment for them. My daughter has blossomed into a flower garden of knowledge that does not stop at just learning ABCs. She is now reading, adding, subtracting, identifying fractions, learning to tell time using the long and short hand, spelling, and learning about science and history. I am most impressed because when Mackenzi comes across a word that she does not know, she doesnt skip the word and move on. She will use her phonics to sound it out and then pronounce it. On a personal level, I have not shown her how to do this so I know that she has learned it at KRK! She retains the daily instructions that Mrs. Thibodeaux provides. Mackenzi is excited about going to school. In her younger years (at another school) Mackenzi would cry each morning when we dropped her off but now she even tell us When I get to school, I am going to say good morning, Mrs. Thibodeaux.. This tells me that she is glad to be where she is and trusts that Mrs. Thibodeaux will guide her and care for her while she is at school. It is comforting to a parent to hear their child speak about their teacher in this manner. A lot of times all we hear is the evening is Mrs. Thibodeaux said. She remembers her instructions and in turns gives them to us. The foundation that has been provided for her there is immeasurable. Because she has learned so much this year, I have no doubt that she will be ready for elementary when we enroll next year. I would be remised to leave out one other member of your staff that I know is involved in reinforcing the curriculum, Mr. Hughe. The Smart Board is a brilliant, fun idea to keep the learning interactive. Mr. Hughe brings the lesson to life for Mackenzi. His compassion about sharing knowledge with his students is very evident as well. He encourages the students socially and academically. Mackenzi is naturally shy, but his personality is so fun for her that she has no choice but to open up to him. Because he continued to encourage her to speak up and tell what she knows, she broke away from being quiet to becoming more of a leader. My husband and I both are grateful for what has been shared with our child and just wanted you to know. I hope that this message encourages you just as much as your Kinder staff have encouraged my child. Thank you!
Tawanna.Mcinnis-Cole - TX
My Daughter Blossomed!
My daughter came to KRK when she was 18 month`s old. Within three weeks, she had learned so much more than I believed possible. My 18 month old was counting---in order! (She dropped three pens on the floor and picked them up counting "1, 2, 3" as did so.) She feels welcomed and accepted from the moment she arrives, so it`s never a struggle to get her to go to class. She is now almost 2 and she counts to 10, has a large vocabulary, can sing, and can name many objects. Most of all, she is a confident, happy child, who enjoys the learning and play time at KRK. Big thanks to her teachers Miss Jasmine and Miss Julie and her future teacher Miss Ebony and all the staff (she especially likes the food, so big praise to the kitchen staff!) from your grateful student and her grateful mom.
Lovelle - TX
Tremendous growth
For the past 6 months I have seen a tremendous positive growth in Alis vocabulary, math, orthography and social skills. I want thank all the teachers and your staff for their tireless efforts and performance. The foundation you are giving to these children, I believe their future can only be brighter. Thank you
Chaikou Diallo - TX
I love working here.
It is amazing that 36 years have passed since I came to USA. It seems like yesterday. During these 36 years, I have worked with children from different child care places before I joined Kids R Kids. I wish Kids R Kids Sugar Land existed when I started working. This Kids R Kids is the best place to work. Mrs. Sue and Mr. Lonnie are the best owners I have ever met. Both are very dedicated to the school and they are the most wonderful persons to work with. They are always here to provide a helping hand to anyone in the school. They work hard to make sure their school is the best place for children. Ms.Jackie, the Director, always compliments me that I am doing a great job, which encourages me to work harder. Because of her, I get inspired to do my best at work. I love working here and I feel so blessed that I am working for people who I admire so much. I think I should stop now.
Ms. Sharmila Mitra, Infants classroom teacher - TX
Keep up the Phenomenal Work! 7/10
WOW...Where do I start?! I do not want to start calling out names because the entire staff at Kids R Kids are GREAT! My son DaJon is 2yr old he has attended the school for almost 6 months and theres not one day I leave that school without a smile on my face!  The stuff truly has a love and a passion for what they do. They put the kids and the parents at the top of their list. Education & Great Services is very important to me. (across the board they rank #1 in my book.) I can share so many great stories with you but I will take up this whole page! (Laugh out Loud) so you will just have to come by and experience the family feel yourself! If I had to name a few Mrs. Julie, Mrs. Jackie, Mrs. Sophia, Mrs. RaShanda, and Mrs. ThibodeauxThank you all for making a difference in my life and most importantly DaJons! I want to Thank the entire school for CARING!
Wendi Haller - TX
My daughter & son enjoys it!
If you want your child to learn this is the place! My daughter,Alyssa has been attending KRK`s for about 3 years now and she is excited it appears on a daily basis to enter class;the learning that she experiences in her Kinder class is just wonderful! My son has been attending for about 2 months and there are visible changes, he runs into class and he talks about his teachers over the weekend; which is a blessing because he was truly a "homebody" and I thought he was not going to adjust but again the teachers showed what they are capable of achieving. This is a school-your child will grow developmentally and emotionally. Kudos to KRK`s!!!
Tanagela Sedziafa - TX
Better than "school ready"
My children attend Kidopoly now, but I proudly tell everyone that my daughter was the first infant at this Kids R Kids. My first day back after maternity leave was the first day this Kids R Kids opened. I handed my child over and cried my heart out, but watched online all day and saw how much attention my child received. As my children grew and graduated from class to class, their growth in knowledge always amazed me. Family and friends were impressed with how early my kids could count, speak spanish and read. My children just finished Kindergarten and Second Grade and both had exceptional grades (all E`s and S`s for the kindergarten student and all A`s for the second grade student). I was talking to the Kindergarten teacher at the Elementary school and she had all good things to say about this Kids R Kids. She has taught 8 - 10 kids that have come from this Kids R Kids and she says they are all above average when they enter kindergarten. She was very impressed with the curriculum taught and the teachers. My nieces also attended for a while, but moved to a different Kids R Kids closer to their home. My sister-in-law says she misses this Kids R Kids and could tell a difference in the learning environment and teaching techniques. We have been with Sue and Lonnie since they opened and will be sad when our children will no longer need daycare supervision. Keep up the Great Work and thanks for all you`ve taught our children!
Lisa Bonham - TX
A Great School
We couldn`t ask for our son Dylan, to attend a more perfect school. We toured so many schools. We decided on KRK first, just didn`t know which location. We live in the Richmond Area, but work in Houston. We toured KRK near these locations. We were driving down HWY 6 one day, and noticed there was one off W. Airport. I called that day to schedule a tour, and spoke with a nice lady named Sue. My husband was unable to attend the tour with me, but trusted my opinion. I walked in and was greeted by another nice lady named Sharon. Then was given a tour by (once again) a nice lady named April. Withen twenty minutes I knew this is where Dylan will be enrolled at. I called my husband as soon I left, telling him how pleased I was. Dylan`s first day wasn`t until about seven months later. Of course, like all first time moms, I cried! Jackie (another nice lady) was there to tell me it`ll be okay. I checked in on him via the internet several times that week. Dylan has been attending KRK-Sugarland for four months now. I hardly ever check in on him anymore. It`s not that I`m a bad mom and don`t care. It`s just that I know he is in good hands. I can come to work and focus, knowing he`s getting the BEST care. Dylan is now six months old. He has learned so much since attending KRK-Sugarland. Friends and Family Members are very impressed with him. Like Mrs. Pitt, I`m quick to say, "he attends KRK-Sugarland"! We have never once complained about cost. As we are firm believers in, "you get what you pay for". I hope after reading this, you call one of the nice ladies to schedule a tour. Trust me you won`t regret enrolling your child at KRK-Sugarland for a second. Thank You Kids R Kids-Sugarland!!
Vanessa - TX
This is NOT a daycare!
My son started attending KRK when he was a little over a year old. I was a bit skeptical because of the "learning center" I had just pulled him from. He is now 3 1/2 years old and I cannot express the contentment I have knowing he attends a Texas School Ready institution! He not only enjoys talking to me and his father everyday about his friends, he actually demonstrates his knowledge when we are out in public...especially at the supermarket. He readily calls out (and he can talk loud) the prices of items on the shelves, in both English and Espanol! He also loves to spell out items on the shelves...again, in english and spanish. Other shoppers always comment on how smart he is...and ask me what school teaches a 3-year old Spanish? LOL...I proudly tell them KRK...and boldly tell them, "They even have cameras so you can see for yourself what your child does everyday!" This program is second to none!
Phaedra Best - TX
You have won my confidence
My children have been going to KRK for about two years. Their first day I was a nervous wreck but, I was put at ease by the staff`s warm welcomes. I have only extremely positive things to say about the school and its staff. The education is one of the things that attracted me to this school not to mention the security cameras they are a plus. The education my children has received from the school has been the topic of numerous conversations. I have been stopped at Wal-mart and have been asked "What school do they attend?" I proudly exclaim "Kids R Kids! You want their number?" I can go on and on about the great job this school is doing. Know that you "all" have touched the Pitt Family in a positive way!! Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to have found such an excellent group of individuals. Thank You!
Samanthia Pitt - TX
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